Calling all local businesses...

Running a community website is fun, informative and very satisfying!

Just knowing that we are putting something back into our community gives us a great feeling of belonging. We hope you get as much out of this site as we do. If you do not already know, this community site is a not for profit project. This means all the work has been done for free. As you will see we do have sponsors and we do have premium business listings, all the revenue generated from these two goes back into promoting the site, whether it be Google Adwords, business cards or flyers, it is all spent. One other thing we have to pay for, is our web hosting and our domain name. We will shortly be receiving an invoice to renew both of these.

This is where you can help.

We need some additional sponsors or premium business listings. If you think you can help us out and keep this site running, please contact us. Additionally you can find information on Sponsors here and Premium Business Listings here.

We thank you all for your ongoing support.

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