Fall River Visioning

We will post as much information as we can on the Fall River Visioning activity that took place in 2009. You can check out the Fall River Visioning webpage on HRMs Website. In the meantime, as part of that review, a series of Trails were displayed to the public. The hope is for these trails to be developed and increasingly used by the local community.

The guidelines for this activity were as follows:

  1. Protect historic value of trails and areas of interest while maintaining connections.
  2. Encourage development of the trail from the Inn on the Lake to the MacDonald Sports Park.
  3. Maintain Lake Thomas frontage at Gordon R. Snow Centre in a naturalized state while providing an enhanced access to all.
  4. Protect Fletcher’s Run wetland and promote this area as a canoe trail (area of interest).
  5. Raise Fall River Road bridge at Fletcher’s Run to allow for paddle craft access.
  6. Acquire Lake Thomas islands (area of interest) and protect for public access and recreation.
  7. Acquire “village green” lands (area of interest) and protect for public access and recreation.
  8. Encourage development of Lake Thomas trail.
  9. Complete trail and sidewalk linkages to create ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ loops (refer to ‘figure 8 loop’).
  10. Protect and support reinstatement of Lock 4 (historic area of interest).

myFallRiver.ca is excited to be able to provide you access to the trail maps as presented during the review meetings.

Click on each document name to open the pdf. Be warned, these documents are quite detailed and so are large in size, consequently they may take a while to download. However, once you have opened them you can save them to your hard drive and open them offline. You can then zoom in to see the detail.