Fall River Events

We welcome the public to submit events to our listings. Administrators will review each listing prior to it appearing on the website. There is no cost to the listings, but there are guidelines.

  • The event must be located in Fall River or one of its neighbouring communities. Events that have multiple locations are eligible if the majority of the locations are in or near Fall River.
  • The event must be open to the general public.
  • Events shall not promote hatred or derision of any group and shall not discriminate on any grounds.
  • Events that charge a nominal admission price to recoup costs or raise funds for a good cause are appropriate.
  • All events must include a way for the public to obtain more information about the event.
  • Events must be ‘one time’ events, events cannot be several weeks long.
  • Seasonal ‘Series’ events may be approved. Please note each ‘event’ must be submitted separately
  • Recreational Classes may involve some payment, but the payment is usually used to cover expenses, this category is not for businesses.
  • Only Premium Business Directory member can submit Business Events

Examples of appropriate Events:

  • Public fund-raisers, festivals, meetings
  • Art exhibit openings
  • One-time sporting events that are open to the public
  • Community group registration nights
  • Yard Sales

Examples of inappropriate Events

  • “Member-Only” club meetings and events
  • Private classes *1
  • Private, for-profit events *1

*1 This does not apply to Premium Business Directory Members

Inclusion of any event is at the sole discretion of the website administrators. Submissions maybe edited for length and clarity.