Waverley Bridge Replacement

A short note from Councillor Dalrymple with regard to the Waverley Bridge Replacement:

“Waverley Area Residents – I wanted to update the community on two main areas with the bridge replacement, the first one is that many of you have asked what the new bridge will look like. Pictured here is the general style and design of our new bridge and while it may not look exactly like this photo it will be close. I do want to thank our HRM Design & Construction Dept as I think the bridge is reasonably stylish and good looking while accomplishing the main goal of safety and raising the bridge for canoes, kayaks and small boats.

The second question you have been asking is when and how long and as many of you seen today the contract was awarded by HRM to Dexters Construction and they along with NSP, Halifax Water and others arrived in strength this morning and the work is underway. This is expected to be about a 10 week project with 2 weeks (starting today) of preparation work and then the bridge will most likely be down from about mid August to the end of September.

I do want to thank Richard of Clarkes Auto Body for granting HRM & Dexters permission to install a pedestrian foot bridge in while this work is going on.

While we apologize for the interruption of traffic during this period I am thankful for the extremely quick response by the HRM to the standard failure of this bridge and that this new one will last safely for most of our lifetimes.

Regards, Barry
Barry Dalrymple
HRM Councillor District 2”

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