Regional Firefighters Museum & Interpretive Centre - Opening Date

For a number of years a dedicated group of community members have been building towards having a Regional Firefighters Interpretive Centre & Museum here within the HRM. About a year and a half ago we started a process to have the old Station 45 in Fall River turned back over to the community and to have this Centre hosted in that building. For the past year, while the HRM went thru a process to return the building to our community the volunteers have worked tirelessly inside and outside to get the building and property in great shape and to build shelves, glass cases, bring in old trucks and equipment and more.

They are now ready to open the building and property to the public and the opening will take place on Saturday, November 6th from 11am to 5pm. There will be no admission charge but if you like what you see please feel free to leave a donation.

I am absolutely thrilled that close to 2 years work has culminated in this building and property rightfully being returned to the ownership of our communities and that it will be put to great use in being a local museum where folks can visit and schools can make trips to etc. While the Grand Opening will not occur till next Spring it will be officially opened on Nov 6th and I invite all residents to drop by and say hello, I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by what you see inside. The building is located at 3214 Highway #2 (close to Sobeys) and the website can be visited here.

Barry Dalrymple
HRM Councilor, District 2

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