Proposed Quarry in Miller Lake Subdivision

On December 10, 2011, a notice in the classified section of The Chronicle Herald announced that Northern Construction and Supplies Ltd of New Brunswick had applied to the Nova Scotia Department of the Environment (NSDOE) to operate a rock quarry off of Perrin Drive in Fall River above the Miller Lake West Subdivision.

Although the company has purchased 800 acres of land, they have applied for a 9 acre quarry operation, thus keeping the operation exempt from a required environmental impact assessment.

There are many implications to allowing a quarry operation at this location. Rock crushing could be a 24 hours a day operation creating noise and dust pollution. Blasting could be a regular event, and, in addition to noise and vibrations, could have a damaging effect on nearby wells and the area’s already touchy water table. Truck traffic would increase and some may route thru residential areas.

The proposed quarry may also negatively impact on surrounding wetlands, and the nearby Waverley Game Sanctuary.

In an apparent effort to keep this project “under the radar” this New Brunswick company has initiated its required public notification efforts during the holiday season when many residents are preoccupied with family events, or are away.

To inform residents of the activities and what it means to our area a Public Meeting will be held at 7:00 PM Sunday January 8, 2012 at the Gordon R. Snow Community Centre in Fall River. This will be an information session to discuss the lack of an environmental review, and to determine what rights we have as residents surrounding the proposed operation.

On their website Northern Construction describes itself “as one of the largest construction contractors in Atlantic Canada.” It is quite likely that this quarry will not stay as an under nine acre quarry for long, if it gets its foot in the door!

Please join us this Sunday January 8th to take the first step in letting Northern Construction know this will not be a quiet, easy, or positive project.


LWF Ratepayers Association
NOTE: You can also express your dissatisfaction NOW, with this proposed project by sending an email to:

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