Pace Program Launch

Today (Sept 19th) HRM Councillor Barry Dalrymple, RCMP, Ecology Action Centre and concerned residents of the Lockview Area sub division launched the PACE Program which is designed to slow down traffic and make our residential streets safer and slower for our children.   We have been providing details of this launch in the last two editions of the Laker and we thank them and the Halifax Metro for attending today to help spread the word that speeding on our residential streets continues to be a large problem.   From 3:00 to 6:00 pm we handed out pamphlets to around 300 motorists at the intersection of Kinclaven & High Roads in the Lockview sub division and had stations set up nearby where many people went to sign up and join our awareness program and pledge to slow down and obey the speed limits.   Those that sign up received colorful yellow lawn signs and bumper stickers reminding others to also slow down.
The RCMP also had the mobile radar unit set up all day nearby to track speeds and will return to gather information on whether or not the program is being effective.   Over the next few weeks residents will be going door to door to help spread the word and to sign more people up to the program, if the program is as successful as we feel it will be Councillor Dalrymple will be looking to expand the program into other nearby sub divisions soon.
Barry Dalrymple our local councillor would like to thank all the community volunteers and to the RCMP today for their assistance.

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