McDonald Sports Park - We need your help!

As of now McDonald Sports Park is in 10th place out of 366 teams. We need to remain in the top 10 to move on to the semi-finals. We are in the category that could win up to 25 thousand dollars. The voting for this round ends Nov 5th, I believe at 1pm. People can vote daily until then. The Charles L. McDonald Sports Park is private park taken care of by volunteers, thus there is no funding. This park has a lot of potential, there are current plans to build a minor league ball field , and many ideas such as a multi-purpose sport field. Many people use the park such as schools for cross country meets , the scouts/guides, bikers and all nature lovers… Please encourage friends, family and co-workers to vote to enhance McDonald Sports park.

Thanks for your time.

Waverley Amateur Athletic Association

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