Local Artists Desire to Come Together to Paint

A few local people in Fall River and surrounding areas (Waverley to Enfield) have been painting over the past few years, mostly on their own, in their homes, or have taken courses in the area. However, it is always hard to make sure you reserve times to actually sit down and paint. It would therefore be nice to have a set time, and a place to work, especially if it could be done in the company of other like-minded Artists. They don’t have to all be working in the same medium, (watercolour, oils, acrylics, pencil, etc.), but to just be together at the same time in the same place within an atmosphere of creativity.

To this end a few of us are attempting to contact other artists in the area to see if we can find an appropriate time and venue to suit. We would meet perhaps one morning a week, from about 9 until noon over the Summer. If successful we could also perhaps extend it into the Fall.

We have a few locations in mind, within the Fall River area, most of which do not require any fee for their use, so there would not be any fee or dues required to join the group. Although at the end of the season it might be nice to take up a collection to present to the venue in appreciation.

Also perhaps at the end of the Summer we could hold an Exhibition of the works we have created (show and sale) with some of the proceeds going to assist the place we meet, or a local Community event or Charity.

We will be advertising in as many locations as possible around the area in hopes of attracting additional Artists, and would like to get started in May so we can have the whole Summer to work. So if you are an Artist, or you know someone who is (relative, friend, neighbour), please inform them of this, and we encourage all interested to contact us. We trust there are plenty of Artists in the area who would like to take part in this group and take advantage of a time and great venue to be creative together. We look forward to a great Summer of Artistic Creativity…

L. Spencer 861-4970
C. Mirabelli 861-2868

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