Fall River Community Business Directory

The business directory exists to provide a one stop shop for people looking for businesses in the Fall River Area. If you are a business owner with a business based in Fall River, Fletchers Lake, Wellington, Grand Lake, Oakfield, Windsor Junction, Capilano or Waverley and would like to join our community Business Directory,
please Submit a Business Directory Listing.

We will consider businesses from outside this area, but only if no competing business exists within area. Please contact us to confirm before submitting your listing and payment.

There are three types of listings available, Site SponsorPremium and Standard, see below for details.
Once you have submitted a listing, we will verify your submitted information.

$15 / year*1)

For example:

Premium Listing includes:

  • Company Name
  • Phone Number
  • Description
  • Link to a Google Map Location
  • Email Address
  • Web Site
  • Premium listing member can submit Business Events
  • Premium listings are always listed before Standard Listings


For example:

Standard listing includes:

  • Company Name
  • Phone Number

There is also the opportunity to become a Site Sponsor. We limit the number of sponsors to ensure that each sponsor gets their banner ad at the top of the site seen equally by site visitors. We also limit sponsors to one per category. If you are interested in becoming a Site Sponsor or wish to be placed on the waiting list, please send us an Email, you can use the envelope link in the top right of this website.

For premium listings, we have added the ability to pay for this service using a major Credit Card or a PayPal account. To pay for a listing now, see the Payment Options section at the bottom of the Submit a Listing page, click this link to go straight there now. Cheques are also acceptable.

After we have received payment for your listing, we will activate it and it will be viewable by the community. Should you require additional information, please send us an Email, you can use the envelope link in the top right of this website.

*1 Any fees charged for the community Business Directory are used to cover our Web Development, Web Hosting and Administrative costs. We also promote the website (and subsequently your business) using Google Ads.  All fees are payable in Canadian Dollars.