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Come to the Gordon R.Snow Community Centre January 31st for the 9th Annual Community Winterfest. Outdoor games, snowshoeing, relays, campfire and treats, indoor sports, winter crafts and much more -fun for the whole family. This is a free event in celebration of winter and Recreation Nova Scotia’s, Take the Roof Off Winter imitative. Interested families can also sign up during our Winterfest event, for free cross country ski lessons happening on Sunday morning, Feb 1st at the McDonald Sports Park. For more information, call us at 860-4570

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Just a few weeks ago we passed the 3rd year anniversary of our community fight to keep a quarry from being built in Fall River. Three years ago at our first public meeting, at the Gordon Snow, the room was full of concerned residents, opposed to having a Quarry “in our backyard”.

Almost 2 months ago we had another public meeting to update residents about the continuing action to keep Northern Construction/Scotian Materials from constructing a Quarry “in our backyard”. 20 residents attended this public meeting. The potential of a Quarry to be built in Fall River is no less critical now as it was three years ago, but residents have become complacent and we believe feel that “the committee is looking after things”.

Northern Construction/Scotian Materials continue their legal action against the Halifax Regional Municipality and the residents of Fall River to build a Quarry and now an Asphalt Plant and a Concrete Plant – both of which are proposed in an area that is not zoned for this type of industry. Appeals are still being heard in the Nova Scotia court systems and the threat to our drinking water, our natural habitats in the area, our rivers and lakes are still very real. Northern Construction/Scotian Materials is legally allowed to build residential in the Miller Lake Subdivision and is something that they indicate they will be proceeding with in the near future; however, the backdoor of these homes in the new development remains a proposed Quarry. The logic here of Northern Construction/Scotian Materials is that if I buy a house in this new subdivision knowing that there is the possibility of a Quarry in my backyard then the argument against having a Quarry in the area goes away.

For the past three years, Darrell Chase, Stacey Rudderham, Jeannette Smith along with our lawyer, Paul Miller have been actively working with the Halifax Regional Municipality to ensure that our zoning for development in our community is upheld. This is a long time for 4 individuals to work without much support or relief from the community. We are now asking residents of Fall River to step forward and to help take on the leadership of this Quarry fight. For a number of these individuals changes have taken place in their professional and personal lives which are making it difficult for this group to keep engaged at this level. We are looking for other individuals who can step forward to help take the baton into the next leg of the race. These individuals are not stepping down and are still providing support along with Paul Miller and Barry Dalrymple. We need you now. This is a fight we can win and we will but we need some fresh runners!

So folks, here is opportunity 1 for everyone.

Amendments were prepared for the Mineral Resources Act. These amendments were presented in December and immediate reaction is necessary if we expect to see any improvements or other changes before it goes to the Legislature for its first read. This long and arduous process does not at this point include any updates or improvements to the portion of the act that deals with quarries….

Sharpen your pencils, get out your keyboards, pick up your telephone and start writing and calling.
This lack of every governing body to deal with the obvious and take a position on quarries is going to continue until we have no protections going forward. This fight is not just about our community, but if you want to help protect it as well as other residential and farming communities in the province, here is your chance, to write another letter, make another phone call. Please share this with your neighbor’s. The time to speak up is right now. February 2nd is the deadline for public input on the amendments. Don’t think someone else will do it. Everyone needs to do it.

Points to consider including in your letter:
1. that aggregate pits and quarries be included in the Mineral Resources Act review
2. that a moratorium be placed on all applications for pits and quarries (including those under 3.9 hectares) until a strong regulatory framework is in place for pits and quarries.

Premier Stephen McNeil Phone: (902) 424-6600
Halifax Office: Fax: (902) 424-7648
P.O. Box 726
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2T3
Constituency Office:
Phone: (902) 825-2093
Free: (800) 317-8533
Fax: (902) 825-6306

Honourable Zach Churchill Phone: (902) 424-4037
Department of Natural Resources Fax: (902) 424-0594
3rd Floor, Founders Square

1701 Hollis Street
P.O. Box 698
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2T9

Constituency Office
Phone: (902) 742-4444
Fax: (902) 742-7391

The Honourable Randy Delorey Phone: 902-424-3736
Nova Scotia Environment Fax: (902) 424-1599
PO Box 442 Email:
Halifax, NS B3J 2P8

Constituency Office
Phone: (902) 870-5899
Fax: (902) 735-3375

for residents of Fall River and area please include:

Bill Horne (Liberal)
MLA for Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank
29 Blue Hill Rd.
Fall River, Nova Scotia
B2T 1E6

Phone: (902) 576-3411
Fax: (902) 576-3413

We will continue to keep you updated as the appeals make their way through the court system. We look forward to hearing from you and looking forward to your active support. Best Wishes in 2015 as we begin year 4 of our fight.

Stacey Rudderham, Darrell Chase, Jeannette Smith