Waverley Bridge - Update

As of today Dexters Construction and HRM are advising that the Waverley Bridge on Rocky Lake Road near the Irving will be closed to vehicle traffic early morning on Tuesday, Sept 4th before morning commute, this is to allow the beginning of taking the current bridge down.

Once this begins it is expected that the bridge will be down for approximately 6 weeks and will re-open around October 15th. All Weight restriction Signs in the area will be posted tomorrow of this closure, we regret the interruption to Gold Rush Days, traffic service and to school buses but this is vital and necessary work to replace this ageing structure. A temporary pedestrian foot bridge has been installed to alleviate some of this inconvenience.

Auto Draft

If you are opposed to the development, two petitions have been created to stop this gas station development.

Petition 1

Below is an artists rendition of the proposed development obtained directly from Hamton Holdings Ltd

More info on the proposed Gas Station

CBC have done a brief article about the gas station, you can see it here:

Bennery Brook Restoration

Although not strictly Fall River, this does affect the Shubenacadie Watershed and ultimately the Shubie Canal which passes through Fall River and communities. If you can spare a couple of hours or more, the guys would love your help!

Care about your Community, interested in the Environment, interested in learning or helping in fun atmosphere?

Folks  –  trust me, I know here in our communities we care so putting this out in case you have some spare time.   Our local  SWEPS group (Shubenacadie Watershed Environmental Protection Society)  has helped sponsor a dedicated group of Students this Summer who are restoring Bennery Brook which runs from HRM into East Hants by Enfield, in fact it is right across from the Enfield Big Stop.   We are putting in log and rock walls, digging pools etc as you can see below to get this brook back to being able to maintain fish.   As your Councilor I have been very pleased to have put some funding into this and have been there in the brook and hope to be again during some of the days below.  If you would like to participate, help or learn with some fun people feel very free to drop by during the times below.

They meet at the parking lot across from the Big Stop (exit 7) at 8am. If you come later in the day, you can find they if you walk down Oldham Rd. Just past the bridge and on the right you will see a path. Walk in until you find the team in chest waders!

August 7-9 , 14-16: Below is  a list of the following activities. 

  • moving rock and dig out line/site for logs
  • drill holes in logs
  • place logs in the stream (we need one or two volunteers to help hold the logs in place) when we hit the rebar
  • filing in deflector with rocks
  • building ramp for the digger log
  • shovelling out pool
  • cleaning all sites where left over rock was placed
  • rack trail where bobcat went through (helped moved rock to our first two sites)
  • remove large items from the banks (car parts etc.)

If instructions are not clear feel free to call or email me.
Best wishes, Barry Dalrymple

Waverley Bridge Replacement

A short note from Councillor Dalrymple with regard to the Waverley Bridge Replacement:

“Waverley Area Residents – I wanted to update the community on two main areas with the bridge replacement, the first one is that many of you have asked what the new bridge will look like. Pictured here is the general style and design of our new bridge and while it may not look exactly like this photo it will be close. I do want to thank our HRM Design & Construction Dept as I think the bridge is reasonably stylish and good looking while accomplishing the main goal of safety and raising the bridge for canoes, kayaks and small boats.

The second question you have been asking is when and how long and as many of you seen today the contract was awarded by HRM to Dexters Construction and they along with NSP, Halifax Water and others arrived in strength this morning and the work is underway. This is expected to be about a 10 week project with 2 weeks (starting today) of preparation work and then the bridge will most likely be down from about mid August to the end of September.

I do want to thank Richard of Clarkes Auto Body for granting HRM & Dexters permission to install a pedestrian foot bridge in while this work is going on.

While we apologize for the interruption of traffic during this period I am thankful for the extremely quick response by the HRM to the standard failure of this bridge and that this new one will last safely for most of our lifetimes.

Regards, Barry
Barry Dalrymple
HRM Councillor District 2”

Speed Limits to be Reduced in School Areas


Speed limits in SCHOOL ZONES will change across the Province this September 1st and effective that date the new limits will be 30 KPH in school areas.   HRM is in the process of trying to get over 1,000 new speed signs in place for that date but regardless if there is a sign up or not at your school the speed limit on Sept 1st will be the new one of 30 KPH.   Be aware of our children and slow down.

Auto DraftSWEPS may come knock on your door

The Shubenacadie Watershed Environmental Protection Society (SWEPS) will be conducting a door-to-door survey in the Fall River area, and providing residents with information with respect to watershed protection. During the month of August, the SWEPS survey will be focusing on residents who live within 20 meters of Fletcher’s Lake, or the streams and rivers that may run into the lake.

The purpose of this survey is to determine the number of households that are drawing their water privately from wells or the headwater surface water. SWEPS also aims to increase awareness within the community with respect to drinking water safety and septic tank maintenance. The SWEPS crew members, and the Nova Scotia Youth Corps summer students participating in this project, will be personally speaking with residents about their drinking water source and waste disposal systems. Homeowners contacted will also have the option to complete an online version of the survey instead. This project will help provide data that will enable deliberation of a stronger water quality protection policy over the long term. This may include things such as buffer zones requirements, restrictions on fertilizer use, and sustainable land use planning and development regulations. For any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact SWEPS at sweps.survey@gmail.com or visit their website at www.sweps.org.