Community Art Project

Sandra Carr, Becky Thompson, and Jacqueline Steudler are happy to tell you that our community has been approved for a community art project grant with the 4C’s Foundation.

The art project will start in March 2011 with a Fall River story telling circle for community members of all ages. We will chose 3-4 characters that were or are significant for our community. In May and June 2011 art workshops for community members of all ages to create 4 giant puppets depicting (more or less ☺) the chosen characters will be facilitated by Becky Thompson and Jacqueline Steudler.

Finally the giant puppets will lead the Parade on July 1st during the Fall River Canal Days 2011. During the art workshops participants will have the possibilities to design banners for the Fall River Canal Days and masks that they can wear during the parade.

Important: All workshops are free of cost for participants.

We are looking forward to share our passion for art making and connect with community members of all ages.

Jacqueline Steudler is the art project coordinator, please direct all questions to her. We will keep everybody informed through the Fall River Canal Days’ website.

If you like to volunteer for the art workshops let Jacqueline know. She has already started a list.

Dates for the story telling circle and the art workshops have to be confirmed yet.
Stay tuned.

Councillors Column – January 2011

Here’s this months councillors column provided by Barry Dalrymple.

“I would like to extend to all of you my sincerest wishes for a wonder New Year and my hopes that you have a happy and successful 2011. Some updates on a few ongoing projects and items as we move into the New Year are:

  1. Beaver Bank Transit Route – this matter had been deferred a couple of times and then came to Council on January 11th for debate along with the other Rural Community routes and after various discussion there are still a number of questions Council has and it has been referred back to Transit Dept for more reports and detail, it is now expected to return to Council in early February. The initial report on this issue is on the HRM’s website and can be view in its entirety, we have requested Council to approve Options 3 & 4 in that report.
  2. Waverley Ball Field – the tender to construct the new baseball field in Waverley has been awarded to Elmsdale Landscaping and they are currently in the process of moving equipment and machinery to the location and will begin construction immediately, expectations are that the field will be open and operational late this coming Summer.
  3. Beaver Bank Kinsac Community Centre – I know and share the communities frustration with how long this process is taking but I can tell you that we are now within weeks of being able to get the actual tender to build out as long as Council approves our request for additional funding. Actual Design Work, Tender Documents etc are all done and we are close to an agreement with the Insurance Company on monies allocated. As soon as that settlement is reached we will go to Council for approval of funding and once that is approved the tender will immediately go out, we are close and I ask your patience just a little bit longer, we are expecting to be at Council on Feb 1st or 8th for this funding approval.
  4. Trail Access/Waverley Road – the Shubenacadie Trail Commission along with Councilor Darren Fisher and myself funded a new parking lot which was put in this Fall off of the Waverley Road to gain easier and better access to the Canal Commissions trail system there. The parking lot and driveway are complete but are closed off with boulders for the winter to allow settling etc, it will be open to the public this Spring.
  5. Fall River Transit – the planned Metro X Transit route from Dartmouth to Fall River to the Airport has been delayed but is now slated to open next year in late Spring 2012, the Park n Ride to be build at the bottom of the 118 off-ramp should begin late this year.
  6. Beaver Bank Brown Hall – many thanks to all the volunteers who organized and ran a very successful auction before Christmas to raise funds for the re-building of this Hall. All building permits have been obtained, the destruction from the fire has been cleaned up by volunteers and fund raising is getting close to target. The good news is that the re-building of this Hall will be underway very shortly.
  7. Sobeys Expansion in Fall River – this expansion is just waiting for final permit approval and will include expansion of the existing Sobeys store and additional buildings on the site. The Development Plans went thru a Public Hearing process this past fall and has been approved by HRM Community Council, work will begin as soon as the final permit is obtained.

If you are interested in an update on any local projects not listed here please feel free to contact me and I will provide you with that information but I would like to get some of the plans for the upcoming year in here as well. Three items of interest that are now accepting applications are:

  • HRM Grants for Volunteer non-profit organizations – this process has just begun accepting applications for 2011. Information packages and application forms can be found on the HRM website but I have both the packages and forms with me in hard copy and as Vice-Chair of the Grants Committee I would be pleased to meet with you to go over eligibility requirements.
  • HRM Volunteer Recognition Night – these forms and process are also on the website but again I am on this Committee and have them in hard copy and can meet you and assist in completing the forms if you wish to nominate a deserving volunteer or organization. Deadline for these submissions is January 27th.
  • Canada Games – just want to remind everyone that our Canadian Winter Games are coming up very quickly in February and I want to encourage everyone to participate in some way and have fun with it. While a number of events are already sold out there are still tickets available to a number of events and there are lots of events and competitions that are of no cost, as well there are concerts and entertainment as well as Opening & Closing Ceremonies – take part and have some fun in February.

I am very pleased to pass on to residents in Lakeview and Lost Creek that we are putting both of these requests for Parks & Playgrounds forward for this coming year (Summer 2011) for Council approval. In regards to Lakeview it is to replace aging playground equipment and for improvements to the park itself. For Lost Creek it is to go along with your recently approved Area Rate funds, HRM and Councilors Funds and fund raising monies to build a new park & playground in the sub division.

Looking further out, we have already begun meetings with Associations for Oaken Hills, Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary and HT Barrett Jr High for parks and-or playgrounds for 2012, all of these groups are well underway with fund raising.

Another event that is upcoming this Summer that we are looking for your support with is A Grand Day, this will occur on Saturday, June 25th at Grand Lake and is the second year for this event which is now an Annual Fund Raiser for the Cobequid Centre. Last year was a huge success and over $66,000 was raised for Cobequid but our target for this year is to top $100,000, with your support we can make it happen. If you are interested in being a sponsor, taking part as a canoe or kayak participant or volunteering to help out please visit our website at or contact myself as information packages are available.

Further to our Public Meetings in Waverley this past Fall and with the Ratepayers Association I am pleased to be able to tell you that the Waverley Area Tax Rate is coming to Council in January with a Motion to end this Tax Rate, this was unanimously passed at the Public Meeting. Once the tax is discontinued there is almost $67,000 left in this account which belongs to the community, we will discuss through the Ratepayers Association the best community use for these funds.

As many of you in Fall River and surrounding communities are aware the HRM has had a number of studies done these past couple of years and they are all now either complete or just finishing. Last week I met with our various Depts to plan the lay out of these studies and their impacts on the community to our residents to let you know whats going on and obtain your feedback and opinion. I cannot stress enough how crucial these plans are to the future development throughout Fall River & District. There are 4 plans and studies we will present and refer to:

  1. Shubenacadie Watershed Study
  2. Fall River & District Traffic Study
  3. Fall River Vision Committee Land Use By-Laws & Development Plans
  4. Fall River Road Municipal Water Feasibility Report

Throughout 2011 we will be presenting these to local interested organizations and to you, our residents via open Public Meetings. We are looking for your thoughts and input and we will then look to mesh these 4 plans and studies into shaping our communities future. I will post notices of these meetings in all local publications (Laker, BB Bulletin, and district2news) and we hope you will attend.

Again, best wishes for 2011, let this year be the one you get involved and volunteer in your community, it benefits all of us.

Warmest regards,

Barry Dalrymple
HRM Councillor District 2″

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