Please Welcome...

…our new sponsors:

  • Annette & Jerry Murphy – Family First Realty
  • Business Breakfast Club Atlantic
  • Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
  • Invicta Property Investments

Thanks for your support!

Kids and Recreation

We have added a section under Local Info > Recreation called “Entertaining Kids”, hope you find it useful. If you would like anything added, just Email us.

Business Directory Enhancement

Our business directory now shows our sponsors at the top of each listing, whether it be a category listing or when displaying the search results. They are also marked with a star and have a yellow background, this makes them stand out and easier to find.

We're live

Ok, we’re out there, we’re not indexed in Google yet, but the site is up and running and available to all. Please send us your feedback, your events and any comments using the Email button at the top right of the page. Let us know what you think!


New logo is done. Nice and simple and hopefully recognizable for the future. This will start appearing on all the promotional info for the new website.

Go Flyers go

We are designing some flyers to handout, to help put the word out about this great new site…

We've added Social Media Buttons

We have added some social media buttons for those of you who use Facebook, Twitter etc… If you dont see the button for your particular social media, send us an email and we will add it.

Website is now in Beta Testing

We have a number of testers hitting the website and making recommendations…